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  • Out of Bounds (Rule 27). Those areas beyond the course boundary fences and the areas beyond
    any line of white stakes with black tops.
  • Staked Trees or Shrubs (Rule 24-2). A staked tree or shrub, must be treated as an immovable
  • Immovable Obstruction (Rule 24-2). (a) sprinkler heads and sprinkler holes, (b) constructed
    pathways and associated steps, formed paths and paths with introduced blue metal, (c) brick
    wall at tees, (d) concrete pipes, (e) garden beds (including area between 4th and 7th tees).
  • Stones in bunkers are Movable Obstructions (Rule 24-1 applies).
  • If a ball strikes the chain fencing, road signs or power poles on the 1st or 9th fairways, the
    player MUST disregard the stroke, and play another ball as near as possible to the spot which
    the original ball was played in accordance with Rule 20-5.
  • Protective steel fence near 5th tee/4th green. A ball coming to rest such that the fence intervenes
    on the line of play, may be dropped (without penalty) in the designated drop zone (behind 5th
    tee) (Golf Decisions 33-8/18).
  • Holes 8 and 18. (Rule 24-2) Any part of an angled support or guy wire which is in bounds is an

Players are requested to read the Local Rule Board at the Pro Shop for Temporary Local Rules.
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